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Hotel Myslivna

Hotel Myslivna (1673) become a municipal jail in the historic town of Trebon that itself dates back to the mid-12th century. In the early days the owners of Trebon had been members of significant Rosenberg dynasty to be succeeded by Schwarzenbergs in mit -17th century.At that time the last descendant of the Rosenberg family,Peter Vok, was forced to sell two thirds of the family property including family town of Trebon, but even then the Rosenbergs stil continuec to belong to the wealthiest segment of nobility.

The Schwarzenbergs acquired Trebon estates in 1660 as their first permanent property in the country. Gradually they extended family property holdings by an extensive range of properties and lands not only in Bohemia but aslo in Austria and Germany. Until before the First World War the Schwarzenbergs were among the very richest aristocratic clans in Europe.The revival of otherwise quiet and peaceful life of the city occurred in the mid - 19th century when Trebon became a district capital in the region.Still more significant changes arrived after the First World War when through enactment of the first land reform as result of which all Schwarzenberg properties were transferred to the State.In 1960 Trebon ceased to be District capita while receiving a coveted status of a Spa.

Hotel Myslivna stands on the site of former Schwarzenberg prison to later.

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